Plan The Healthiest (and Most Delicious) Thanksgiving Ever

Plan The Healthiest (and Most Delicious) Thanksgiving Ever

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Thanksgiving isn't the healthiest of holidays. Just think about classic traditions - eating an extra large and heavy meal, sitting in front of the football game on TV, and knocking back plenty of holiday libations. This year, enjoy a more wholesome day (and week leading up to it) with this handy side-by-side guide illustrating how to plan a great meal - and maintain health and fitness while doing it.

Free Bird:

A vegan Thanksgiving can be just as indulgent as a meat-and-dairy-filled affair. Check out our list of animal-free appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

Un-Super Size Me:

Don't let Aunt Mary load up your plate with ten pounds of mashed potato. Here's what a real serving size looks like.


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