Links We Love: Why Coffee Makes Us Live Longer and More

Links We Love: Why Coffee Makes Us Live Longer and More

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Happy Sunday! Here's to bringing you health and fitness inspiration from around the web. We've found another reason why coffee is amazing for us, and an infographic that reveals the world's eating habits after sundown. We want to show some love and share kick-ass content in the wellness world, so here are our picks:



Our Favorite Four-Minute Workouts - Fit Bottomed Girls

Got a minute? How 'bout four? That's how long it'll take to get in a gooood workout, and here are some kick-ass options.


Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer - New York Times Well Blog

Is it true?! Sipping some café au laits could mean extra birthdays. But how many cups does it take?


Columbia University Janitor Graduates With Honors - ABC News

Watch this heart-warming video about Gac Filipaj, who came to the U.S. not knowing a lick of English, then earned an IVY league degree while taking care of Columbia's grounds.

Blog Spotlight

Who Hates Cilantro? Study Aims to Find Out - The Body Odd

It's the killer ingredient in guac, the surprising ingredient in a spring salad. So who could possibly dislike this herb? Scientists take a global approach to uncover who may hate the flavor.

Grab Bag

When The Lights Go Out The World Eats Junk Infographic - Fast Co. Design

Baby when the lights, go out… people swarm to the snack cabinet? We've been caught red handed!


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